Garibaldi Cottage VR Tour & Study Set Starter Package


Don’t waste another minute searching for house plans the traditional way. With the Garibaldi Cottage Revit Live Virtual Reality Tour and Study Set of planning drawings, you’ll be well on your way to planning your dream home! No virtual reality headset required.

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Garibaldi Cottage VR Tour & Study Set Starter Package

As Canada’s most advanced house plan company, we’re proud to offer the latest in immersive experiences, virtual reality tours! Building upon our platform of Building Information Modeling, we employ amazing Revit Live software from Autodesk to offer our customers a deep understanding of their potential new second home, The Garibaldi Cottage!

Much like a modern video game environment, enter a fully rendered digital model of the Garibaldi Cottage. Set in a lakefront scene, you can explore this house plan from the sky or a close up inspection inches from your nose.

You Can Expect to Receive:

  • Experiences interior spaces as if it’s already built
  • Stand and imagine cooking in the kitchen
  • Compare day lighting and shadow impact
  • Imagine where your furniture would go or perhaps won’t fit
  • Examine sight lines and views
  • Sit on the hearth of the great room fireplace
  • Go everywhere, fly anywhere in the model
  • Check window placement and sizing
  • Taste the wrap around porch
  • Verify hallway widths & door sizes
  • Explore the crawlspace and foundation layout
  • Walk around on the roof
  • Check out switch placement
  • See lighting layout and it’s effect at night
  • Look through the windows from the exterior
  • Solidify your ideas and assure comfort!

Example Screen Shots from VR Tour:

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