Craftsman – 36′ x 35′ Detached Two-Car + RV Garage


The Craftsman 36’x35′ Detached Two-Car + RV Garage is the only Recreation vehicle size garage in Craftsman lineup. This 36’x35′ Detached Two-Car + RV Garage features parking for three vehicles, a dual gable roof line, large covered entry and 862 square feet of interior floor space.



The Craftsman 36' x 35' Detached Two-Car + RV Garage

Aerial 3D floor plan for three car garage big enough for an RV

Measuring 36′-6″ wide x 35′ deep, The Craftsman 36’x35′ Detached Two-Car + RV Garage features the signature look of the Craftsman Lineup of house plans with a more modern layout.

Accounting for today’s modern way of life, The Craftsman 36’x35′ Detached Two-Car + RV Garage is designed for the those homeowners wanting indoor storage for their recreational vehicle. With indoor depths measuring approximately 34′, RV’s up to 32′ long will comfortably fit in this three car garage.

With a 968 SF footprint, 862 SF of finished interior floor space and a dedicated covered porch entry, this detached garage plan for RV’s looks like a cottage rather than detach garage blueprints.

Quick Facts:

The Craftsman 36′ x 35′ Detached Two-Car + RV Garage

  • 36′-6″ wide x 35′-0″ deep
  • Gable style roof with 24″ overhangs
  • Craftsman style elements
  • Parking for two vehicles + RV
  • 968 sf footprint
  • 862 sf of finished interior garage space
  • Covered entry porch
  • 348 sf interior floor space
  • 14′ tall vaulted ceilings
  • Rough finished stucco & cementicious siding
  • Two parking stalls
  • Potential ceiling storage

The Exterior:

The Craftsman 36′ x 35′ Detached Two-Car + RV Garage

Covered porch entry to Three-Car Garage big enough for an RV

Like all products within the Craftsman lineup, 36’x35′ Detached Two-Car + RV Garage is a craftsman styled detached garage characterized by it’s classic craftsman details.

With two primary roof lines and a shed roof over the covered porch, the exterior of this detached garage blueprint set looks more like a small home or cottage than a garage.

Each of parking stalls has it’s own overhead garage door with one door being 10 feet tall for easy recreational vehicle access.

Traditional craftsman style elements such as dual fascias, ornamental brackets and heavy 24″ roof overhangs are fully integrated.

Horizontal James Hardie Board siding wraps the main floor level while split cedar shingle clads the gable ends for softer touch and traditional patterning.

The heavy timber post on the covered porch supports a traditional heavy timber beam supporting the shed roof.

The Interior:

The Craftsman 36′ x 35′ Detached Two-Car + RV Garage

3D Section of the Craftsman 36' x 35' Detached Two Car Garage RV parking

The Interior of The Craftsman 36’x35′ Detached Two-Car + RV Garage is where this garage design shines. Laid out for someone with the need for recreation vehicle parking, the 12′ wide x 10′ tall garage door allows easy parking up to a length of 32′.

With finished ceilings set at 12′ (3.6 m), the finished trussed ceiling has room for troffer ceiling lights and clear most vehicles.

With ceilings set at 9′ tall (2.75 m) in the other portion of the garage, there’s plenty of clearance. Large 42″ tall windows allow plenty of light into the space and the covered entry provides a nice reception as you enter.

Simple painted 5/8″ Type X drywall is the only finish with no molding or trim package specified.

3D Section of the Craftsman 36' x 35' Detached Two Car Garage RV parking

Ceiling mounted compact fluorescent lights are typical inside with several wall receptacles specified off of a 60 AMP electrical sub-panel.

Take a Virtual Tour:

The Craftsman 36′ x 35′ Detached Two-Car + RV Garage

Package Includes:

  • Garage floor plan
  • Garage roof plan
  • Two garage sections
  • Exterior elevations
  • 3D interior & exterior perspectives
  • Wall Legend
  • Construction Assemblies
  • Door & window schedules
  • General specifications
  • Project Data
  • Project Scope
  • Drawing Legend
  • Homeowner instruction guide

For a Limited Time:

  • Garage electrical layout
  • Garage reflected ceiling plan
  • Foundation plan
  • Footing & soffit details

Additional Add-on’s:

permit ready garage plans

Digital PDF File

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Additional Blueprint Sets

permit ready garage plans available in original Autodesk .DWG CAD file format

CAD Design File

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Additional information


Adaptive Plans Inc.

Product Line

Parking Stalls

2 Standard stalls & 1 RV stall


36.5 Feet


35 Feet


968 sf

Interior Floor Space

862 sf

Ceiling Height - Garage

12 feet, 9 feet

Vaulted Ceilings


Garage Door Width

1 x 12 Feet, 2 x 9 Feet

Garage Door Height

1 x 10 Feet, 2 x 7 Feet



Climatic Zone

BC – Zone 4, BC – Zone 5 to 7a, BC – Zone 7b & 8

Cladding Type

Cedar Shake Siding, Cementicious Fiberboard Siding

Roof Style

Gable Roof

Roof Slope

4:12 Slope, 8:12 Slope

Roof Structure

Engineered Trusses

Roofing Material

Ashphalt Shingle Roofing

Roof Overhang

24 Inches

Number of Windows

4 Windows



Covered Entry




Construction Details

Electrical Plan, Footing Detail, Foundation Plan, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Soffit Detail

Structural Engineering Included



24"x36" Architectural Bond Paper, CAD File, PDF File

Scratch Set



30-day Satisfaction Guarantee


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